The Occidental Taurus

The Occidental Taurus is the 7th studio album from New York City singer/songwriter, KP Devlin. Scribbling out all 9 of its songs in a matter of a couple of weeks this past winter, and producing the finished tracks in only slightly longer than that, Devlin presents us with this album only a year and half after his last effort, 2008’s darkly humorous and whimsically sorrowful Year of the Snake.

The first thing anyone will notice about The Occidental Taurus is, of course, its title. The pun, one worthy of a band like Squeeze (think 1985’s Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti) obviously references Anne Tyler’s novel, The Accidental Tourist, which was later adapted for film by director Lawrence Kasdan in 1988. However, there are no references to that story or any of its characters within the songs on Devlin’s album. When asked about this, Devlin’s response was, “I’ve heard of that book. And that William Hurt, he sure is a fine actor, isn’t he? But no, an Occidental Taurus is just a bull that comes from the west.”